A simple, effective solution for job management

Because work shouldn't be just a 4 letter word

Managing your jobs can be frustrating and inefficient, with Post-it notes here, spreadsheets there, emails over there, etc. But you don't have a lot of money to spend on a job management solution, nor do you need or even want anything fancy. Work allows you to simply and effectively organize your jobs, providing one common source of emails, file storage, notes, scheduling calendars and more.

Simply & effectively organize your customers and their jobs

Expensive, full-featured "project management" solutions for sign and graphic companies are wonderful... if that's what you want/will use/can afford. But you sure don't want to pay for things that you're not going to use. Work is intentionally simple while still offering more than enough value to be GREAT bang for the buck!

By the numbers

It doesn't have to be so complicated.

Setting up estimating software is notoriously complicated and time consuming. Spend less time entering and managing material costs and more time getting jobs with Work's user friendly quoting platform. We use the same calculations that you do, only we put them in an easy to follow format that Works the way you do.

Make every job your dream job

Manage your jobs simply and effectively.

We're not here to tell you that Work will allow you to just kick back, put your feet up and watch as everything just magically happens around you, but... it will consolidate all of your job details and contacts and files and notes and appointments and emails etc. in one place where you and the rest of your team can easily access them.

Know thy customer

Long live the (digital) Rolodex.

Customer relationships are your foundation for success. Work can store all of your customers' details, including location specific contacts (for customers with multiple locations) and past, present and future job details, making all of this valuable information oh so readily accessible.

You have vendors too

Who ya gonna call?

Even if you're a full-service shop or a "jack of all trades" you still have some number of other companies that provide you with goods or services as / when needed. Add your vendors to Work so you know who to call when you need "x". In addition to maintaining contact details and freeform notes for them, you can even upload and store their W9's and COI's!

Eliminate scheduling headaches

Using the calendar is as easy as 1,2,3!

From scheduling your installs to managing your jobs and personal tasks, this innovative calendar eliminates your scheduling headaches!

  1. Select the equipment or resources required for your task
  2. Select an available day or time frame from the calendar
  3. Add your task, selecting all necessary resources

That's it! The availability of the resources you selected are updated on the calendar, keeping your entire team in the loop.

Dude, where's my stuff? Solved!

Spend your time doing the work, not trying to find it.

Work's integrated file manager allows you to store all of your job files in one place where you and your colleagues can easily find them.

Files are saved job-specifically, and you can create custom folders allowing you to be as organized as you want!

And, oh yea. You can easily upload files and photos from your phone...

Leave your desk but stay informed

Take Work with you to the job site.

Give your hippocampus 1 a break by accessing customer and job details and your calendar of events on any mobile device.

Work also allows you to easily upload job files and photos from your phone, which is, to use technical terminology... super handy.

1 Disclaimer - we had to look that up, but apparently "...most available evidence suggests that the functions of memory are carried out by the hippocampus and other related structures in the temporal lobe".

Email with ease

Who sent what when and to whom?

Work's email history provides quick and easy access to all of your team members' job related emails sent and received through Work.

And customizable email templates allow for simple and consistent email communication.

Tracking time that just Works

Log hours automatically or manually.

Your employees can easily track time spent on jobs with Work's Intuitive time-tracking feature. Clock in and out from anywhere, desktop or mobile device. Export reports for payroll, billing or job costing. It's all there and simple to use.

Job costing shouldn't be a cost

Plan, estimate and check that you're where you need to be.

Imagine a world where folders and spreadsheet reporting are no more. Gain immediate visibility on how you did on a job. Forecast and maintain records for billing, quotes and estimates for specific jobs and customer history.

Dispatch with ease

Send jobs to techs via email or text.

As rhythmically as that rolls off the tongue, the real poetry in motion is the way that Work allows you to easily, click-of-the-mouse send job details to your teammates whether they're at their desk or in the field.

Integrate with QuickBooks

Get in sync.

Synchronize your customers, transactions, invoices, and billing history in Work with QuickBooks Online integration.

Connecting your QuickBooks Online and Work accounts will allow you to import QuickBooks Online customers into Work as new customers, display transactions in Work for QuickBooks Online customers and export Work customers into QuickBooks Online as new customers.

Order up!

Get sign off on the 5 W's.

Eliminate confusion and make sure everyone is on the same page by capturing the who, what, when, where and why details of your job and presenting a professional looking Job Order document to your customer for their "sign off" approval.

Unknown unknowns exposed

You don't know what you don't know.

Nothing need fall through the cracks as Work's comprehensive reporting includes company wide, cross-job time tracking per selected timeframe and team member(s) as well as printable and exportable job lists that are sortable and filterable by customer, location, type and stage.

We're here to help

We're not saying our support staff rocks, our customers are.

Need help? You're in GREAT hands because our customer support team is truly epic. At least that's what our customers keep telling us.

Sure, we could tell you that we offer amazing support, but without proof it's the same as blowing smoke. That's why we're happy to share what our customers are saying. Read their rave reviews for yourself and rest assured our claim is totally smoke free.

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Click, create, invoiced

Professional invoices are a click away.

If you're looking to create professional looking invoices, look no further than Work. You're a click away from generating invoices from Quotes or Jobs. Or, if you prefer, start right from your Customer record and send the invoice directly from your computer. Accepting online payments is just around the corner as well, so strap yourself in and get ready to let Work do the work.

Streamline your workflow

Streamline your business with Job Workflow.

See your Jobs from every angle with Work's new Dashboard, Job Board, and Calendar views. Create departments and, using Work's Kanban interface, drag, drop and sort your Jobs to your, and your team's, liking! Assign tasks to users or departments, ensuring that all of the moving parts keep, well... moving and on schedule!

Empower your team

Don't over-complicate things, user management simplified.

Work is already looking good, but its User Management is set for a major facelift. Utilize your existing departments to streamline user management. Assign tasks to departments or individual users. Flexible permission based user control is simplified through an intuitive interface.

We're VCG and we do excellence,
and we've been doing it for a while now

Since the early dot-com days - 1999 to be exact - we've been connecting dots between problems and solutions for the sign and graphics industry. In our more than 25 years of working alongside sign shops from all over North America, one commonly voiced dilemma has been heard over and over again:

  • Managing your jobs can be frustrating and inefficient, BUT...
  • Most existing job management solutions are simply too expensive and / or too complicated.

Work allows you to simply and effectively organize your jobs. And priced at just $45 a month, the bang for the buck couldn't be any louder.

Simple, effective
job management.

Everything you need for effective sign shop management
and nothing you don't.


Get those ducks in a row or find that matching sock. You pick the analogy.


Your jobs aren't always simple, but your job management tools should be.


Bang meet buck. For just $45 a month, Work is bang for the buck personified.